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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: No Picture This Week

We invite you to send your questions in for next week at this time, or at least before Tuesday. Email us at Now for this week we have three out of four answered.

1) West Hollywood: No news from the peanut gallery on Sokyo. We guess that means it's surviving since no one gossips about good foodie news.

2) Silver Lake: So what kind of cash does it take to set up shop in a storefront on Sunset? Probably much, much more since the gelato placed opened. A reader who knows, emails in. "We manage the southeast corner of Sunset and Santa Monica (locally known as Sunset Junction) for $2.50 - $3.00/sqft NNN. Lovecraft Biodiesel is the corner tenant."

3) Pasadena: Huh. What do we know? Apparently not a lot. From the comments, tipsters answer what's planned for the Royal Laundry building. Via Amanda: "Clive Wilkinson is doing the space; my firm (ah'be) is working on the landscape portion, including those mickey mouse ears, a requirement by the Disney company. Anyway, the long story is that Disney has acquired a children's clothing company called "The Children's Place", and so Disney is going to be including a Disney branded line of clothing through this store. The Royal Laundry building will be the new think tank for the brand. Yup."

4) Boyle Heights: Ugly news out of Boyle Heights in regards to the Buena Vista Lofts. Not so buena. A tipster says: "Buena Vista Lofts is on hold, and for sale - CBRE is handling the listing

A new developer will likely move the project ahead, but I would assume the same problems that sank the current version of the Sears project also did this one in, CRA met with planning to discuss both Sears and greater Boyle Heights a few weeks ago, the problems include:

* developers were banking on downtown development jumping the river, but restrictions on developing on industrial land, very slow sales on certain downtown properties like the Textile Building, and an overall slowing condo market point to that not happening anytime soon

* skyrocketing construction costs

* lack of community support for projects that outprice locals

Both projects will come back but its going to be a while, long while."