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Coffee, Tea, or Mixed Use Development Opportunity?

Just a few short months ago, residents of Silverlake were decrying the future of development along Rowena Ave. First, it seemed the Coffee Table lost its lease, then word came that 64 condos were to be built on that site. Residents organized, letters were written, blogs were published. Now comes word it may have all been for naught as one of our tipsters writes in:

Your article on properties falling out of escrow, market changes, or fill in the blanks for excuse of the moment, makes me think you may find this item of interest. The Coffee Table and adjacent properties were to be developed into residential and retail, yet the property is now on the market for around $10M, per the attached link.What does that mean for the Coffee Table? Not entirely sure, but we're partial to BBG Cafe anyway. Free wifi and Reggie Sutherland. 'Nuff said.