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Famima!! All Over LA

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(image via Flickr user boogah)

An update to the Famima!! linkage we had yesterday. First, Atwater Village Newbie has found the location of the Famima!! in that delightful shopping center in downtown Glendale (134 N. Brand) in the former Java City storefront.

Another tipster emails in with further location info. "I don't know where the Glendale Famima is supposed to be, but a representative of Famima Corporation told me that the Downtown branch is going to be at "near" 8th & Figueroa (presumably in the 7th & Fig shopping pit), and is expected to open in August... I wrote to lobby for a Famima at the Century City shopping center, suggesting the presently unoccupied space across from the Brooks Brothers, right next to the pedestrian bridge, so I wouldn't have to walk all the way across the stinking facility to get lunch at Gelson's. (As for that food court, forget it, it's the Disneyland of eating as far as waiting on line goes.) He said they were very interested in Century City and they'd look into it. Whether that was sincere or public relations politeness I know not."
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