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Wednesday Morning Linkage

Let's start with the small stuff. The kind of stuff only about three of our readers actually care about. Pamela Light, a principal in the LA office of architecture firm HOK has been elected national president of the International Interior Design Association for the 2006-07 year. Congrats Pammy. Whoever you are.
·Local elected as national president of International Interior Design Association [LA Biz Journal]

Architectural Record (via BusinessWeek)visits Venice and likes what it sees, particularly in the home of Joshua Sale. Apparently his little bunglow in the nabe has become ground zero for local architects to "dialogue" as he commissions everyone from Thom Mayne to Michael Rotondi to Johnston Marklee over the years.
·Venice Beach's Architectural Renaissance [BusinessWeek]

What's more rock-n-roll than an 87 year-old antiquities dealer on trial for trafficking in looted art who flips a finger at the Italian government? The New York Times provides an update on the trial in Italy of Marion True, former Getty curator, and Robert Hecht, the aforementioned 87 year-old who knows he won't spend a single night in jail, even if convicted.
·Antiquities Dealer on Trial in Getty Case Is Vexed but Unbowed [The New York Times]

The LA Times should call this article "The Love Song of J. ALfred Pruford", since its a creepy ode to the bane of almost every Angeleno - cars. If you can get past the distressing fetishization of the automobile ("it gives us pleasure! it gives us privacy! it runs on fossil fuel and faith and myth!"), it contains a couple of trivia gems, including the Blessing of the Cars.
·Our true heartthrob [The LA Times]