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Penne from Heaven Update: Phase 1 Set for August

After the Jake Gyllenhaal sighting, our restaurant guru writes in to update us on the planned opening of Mozza:

The story going around regarding the Batali-Silverton gig is that the restaurant will be opening in parts, meaning not all 3 sections at once. The story I get is that August 14 is the opening date of phase 1, and thus that is why the one poster who mentioned not having seen construction going on is partially correct, in that only a portion will be remodeled right now. Apparently the rent, permits, etc. forced them to rethink the opening timetable. Neither of us would want to be paying the rent on the entire place as you might expect.

Heard that in the last week from former Campanile people.

So there it is - something resembling a timetable. Kinda. Sorta. More updates as the rumor mill continues to churn.
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