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Rumblings and Bumblings: Foodies, Lofts,and Leases

Hey! It's Rumblings & Bumblings again. Long time no see. We have four questions this week. That's easy enough. if you have answers to these probing questions please email us at, or email us with questions for next week. Thanks.

(image of Buena Vista Lofts)

1) West Hollywood: A foodie question to start the day."any more info on the japanese restuarant "Sokyo"? just wondering if there is anymore information. Are they sticking it out?"

2) Silverlake: While we don't have any posts on this subject, maybe a reader or two can answer. "do you guys have any articles discussing the lease rates on storefronts along sunset between Hollywood Blvd. and Echo Park Blvd.?"

3) Pasadena: We thought we answered this question in a December R&B (Item 6), but if details have changed please let us know. "Do you know what they are doing with the old Royal Laundry building on Raymond in Pasadena? I live near there and there is a lot of construction going on in the two adjacent buildings. I do know that they filmed "The Contender" in one of the buildings a while ago..."

4) Boyle Heights: Hmmm. Wish we could answer this one outright, but we don't know. "Buena Vista Lofts (pictured above) - Please tell us the proposed completion date of this project."

As always, please email your answers to your neighbors' questions. Answers on Thursday.