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Tuesday Mid-Morning Linkage

Hot Dog! Er, Hot Miso Soup! Atwater Village Newbie reports that a Famima!! is planned for Glendale. As you know, Curbed LA falls all over itself when talking about the Japanese convenience store which has targeted LA as its entry into the US market. The Newbie, and we, are curious as to where the Glendale Famima!! will be located.
· Famima!! May Open Next in Glendale [A.V. Newbie]

For as long as this controversy has been around, we in the Curbed LA offices have said that the solution to the South Central Farm problem is to put gardens on the roofs of the new warehouses. It's not impossible, right. Just some basic engineering to reinforce the structures and manage the runoff. The Treehugger staff is in complete agreement. Would Ralph Horowitz support such a thing? Somebody should ask.
· A Green Roof for the South Central Farmers? [Treehugger]

Did Councilman Jack Weiss cave to NIMBYs? Does the moon wax and wane? A post on the West LA Online blog from an angry citizen says that Weiss has failed to secure funds for a neighborhood rec center due to opposition from NIMBYs afraid of undesirables and the way they tend to lower home values. The writer claims that "Councilman Jack Weiss has neglected Robertson Recreation Center/Child Care for the entire time he has been a councilman, to the point where the facility is unsafe and is a disgrace to its community."
· Did Weiss kill park improvement project? [West LA Online]

Watson & Associates of Seal Beach is taking a stab at revitalizing San Bernardino. An estimated $300 million in large scale residential development has the chance to remake the ugly face of our neighbors to the east. It's like an extreme makeover on a grander scale.
· Upscaling San Bernardino [The Orange Empire of So. Cal.]