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Our Favorite Anti-Development Sites

Today we start a new feature that we just concocted in our head literally seconds ago. We'll review the anti-development web sites that have spread across the Southern California internets and have become a large part of the discussion of development in our little world. These anti-development web sites cover everything from fights against Home Depots and Wal Marts, to fights against eminent domain and redevelopment projects. Some are cheesy, some are nice. We'll look at them all and ponder.

Our first anti-development site is... the Coalition to Save the Marina (Marina del Rey).

We stumbled across this anti-dev web site after receiving an email from a reader who pointed us to an article on the redevelopment of Marina del Rey in the Daily Breeze.

What is it About: Preserving the charm of Marina del Rey. Better air and water. Less crappy development. Save Mother's Beach.
Villains: County of Los Angeles, Archstone, "High rise hotels and large towering apartment complexes causing shadows and blocking peripheral views"
Buzzwords: "quality of life"; "transparancy and accountability"; "public benefit"; "call to arms"
Last Update: Hard to tell; maybe April.
Site Design: Looks like one of those terrible templates you get from Network Associates. No pictures. PDF downloads are the only exciting thing on the site. Blues and whites, with some red highlights. Pretty piss poor, we say. Although, we're glad to see they're not using their donation dollars on a high-end web site.
Our Judgement (on the scale of 1 to 5 NIMBYs, 5 being the best): 2 NIMBYs