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USC Breaks Ground for Off-Campus Credit Union

With so much development going on in downtown LA, most eyes are focused on the Grand Ave project, or LA Live, or the multiple loft conversions. So its easy for a (relatively) small project like USC's Credit Union to get lost in the shuffle. The major details: they've broken ground for a $10 million, 45,000 sq ft "new Italian Romanesque style office building" (please God, no) will be located at 3720 S. Flower St, making this the first off-campus branch (by a block or two). And it seems USC has big plans for the office space. The credit union will occupy the first and fourth stories, while the rest of the buliding will house other university departments. Additionally, while serving as a retail branch of the credit union, they also plan to offer “financial literacy workshops” to its members. For anyone who has ever ventured near USC while school is in the session, the big question is always "will there be parking?"
· USC Plans 45,000-SF Credit Union [Globe St]