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Set the Tivo: Brad Pitt On Green Development

We were as shocked as anyone to find Curbed LA poster boy - Christopher Hawthorne - in the television section of the LATimes. Did he take a wrong turn on the way to the Arts section? No, he's just covering tonight's PBS series on sustainable architecture: Design e2, narrated by Gehry's BFF and father of The Chosen One, Brad Pitt. While Hawthorne accuses the series of an "East Coast bias" he ultimately gives it an thumbs up:

It's also an engaging overview of the most prominent players, recent breakthroughs and stiffest challenges in sustainable architecture. And it's produced with enough panache — particularly in the brooding camera work by Robert Humphreys, which owes something to trendy architectural photographs by Olivo Barbieri — to make its more medicinal lessons go down quite easily indeed.So set those Tivos: KCET tonight at 9:30. that's usually the station in-between the 16 versions of CSI on CBS and the 23 versions of Law and Order on NBC.
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