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Protecting Our Borders with Architecture

(image via New York Times)

We're not big fans of those minutemen guys "protecting" our borders. But that's just us, so save the hate mail. In an effort to bring some sort of sense to the nonsensical, the New York Times has asked 13 architects and urban planners to devise a wall to keep out our Mexican friends to the south. Oh, boy. Eric Owen Moss, not content to baffle Americans with his architecture, submitted the above entry in an effort to baffle and frighten poor Mexican immigrants. The wall of light columns rise along a portion of the border and features what the Times describes as "a strolling, landscaped arcade of lighted glass columns [that] would invite a social exchange in the evening, much like the 'paseo,' popular in Hispanic culture." Below ground is a tunnel with cultural exhibits. And further below ground is a tunnel emptying illegals into the middle of downtown San Diego. Nice.
· A Fence With More Beauty, Fewer Barbs [New York Times]