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Penne From Heaven: BataliWatch 06 Continues

There hasn't been much news lately on Batali's future LA restaurant, Mozza. Until we came across this little tidbit of information on the culinary journeys of dreamy-eyed Jake Gyllenhaal, a sometime guest on Molto Mario. Never let it be said Jake does not have a sophisticated palate and excellent taste in foodie friends. From's "Caught in the Act":
• Jake Gyllenhaal, munching on thin-crust pizza at an afternoon tasting hosted by celebrity chef Mario Batali at his soon-to-be opened Los Angeles restaurant. The publicity campaign has officially begun. It starts with a trickle of gossip column mentions and anti-Atkins celebrity patronage, as we build towards Batali's worldwide quest for pasta and pecorino supremacy.
·Caught in the Act []