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NoHo Lofts May Now Be Occupied

So yesterday we received an email from a reader asking where she can find a loft in North Hollywood. As if we're a fucking broker or some shit. But we digress, because just coincidentally, as of today, people can now live in the NoHo Lofts as they have finally gained occupancy approval. The Lofts held their open house way back in April, as we reported on this site. We had made plans to attend but failed miserably to leave our apartment that day. You may recall the NoHo Lofts are located in the former Adolph's Meat Tenderizer warehouse which has been largely vacant since the mid 1980s. They'll retain that popular exposed brick accent which we all know and love. We actually like the design of these, although some people don't, including one locally famous architect, who shall remain nameless, who we witnessed telling his associate "if I ever design something that looks like this, shoot me in the head." Eh, maybe he had one too many pints that day.
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