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The Long Beach Size Queens Relent

We've got to admit, it's been fun to watch the rancorous debate over the proposed expansion of Long Beach's cute-as-pie historic art deco airport. As a modern planning drama, it had it all: NIMBY neighbors, a tragically flawed EIR, grandstanding politicos, even crass appeals to "save the children." It was delightful.

But now, the whole affair has gotten decidedly less, well, bitchy. Many NIMBYs seem to accept that the airport needs to be modernized and capacity expanded to some degree.

"We all want to get this modernized, an airport we're proud of," Long Beach resident and Chapman University law professor John Eastman said at Tuesday's City Council meeting. "So modernize that thing, don't supersize it. Let's have an airport we can all live with." We grudgingly admit that these developments are positive, a victory for compromise, a boon for the community, blah blah and more blah. But we're really praying that the pot gets stirred after July 18, when Long Beach gets a new mayor and three new council members, one of whom is a die-hard opponent of expansion. Anyone up for a Alexis/Crystal catfight?
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