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Development News of Note

Downtown: The Mayor's Office announces that The GreyStone Group has obtained occupancy approval for their Adaptive Reuse Loft project, Library Court - the former University Club Building at 630 W. 6th Street. They also send along an updated tally of adaptive reuse projects versus the ground-up developments going on. As you can see, adaptive reuse kicks ass.

North Hollywood: A note from a reader alerts us to trouble in paradise for J.H. Snyder & Co. as they continue their conquest of NoHo. "Last night the CRA held a scoping meeting for the environmental impact report to be prepared for the proposed redevelopment of the Valley Plaza and Laurel Plaza (present loaction of May Co.) by NOHO Commons developer Snyder & Co. The huge turnout at Laurel Hall School by local stakeholders was unprecedented and the message to Snyder & Co., Wendy Greuel and Antonia Villaraigosa was a resounding "Don't use our neighborhood as a dumping ground for high density apartment buildings!" The neighborhood participants were amazingly well prepared, articulate, and forceful in their presentations. Pauline Lewicki, the Principal Planner for the CRA, stated that she was absolutley overwhelmed by the turnout and scope of the meeting and that it was at least 5x a large as the scoping meeting for the Grand Ave. project downtown."

Downtown: Not sure how much stock to put in this, but a little birdy tells us MJW Investments is apparently having some difficulty selling units in Santee Court, as in "they can't sell any units at santee court to save their lives..." They've also just put out an RFQ for the Sears building in Boyle Heights.