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S. Irene Virbila: Modern Architecture Critic?

[Image Ricardo DeAratanha / LAT]

We don't typically link to the usual Wed LA Times food reviews, but this one gave us pause. It seems our darling S. Irene fancies herself an architecture critic these days, spending a good 4 or 5 paragraphs dissecting Richard Meier's design for Wolfgang Puck's steakhouse Cut before getting to the, um, meat of the matter:
You'd never recognize the old place. Meier has given the restaurant and bar space a radical Modernist makeover with hardly an ornament to spare. French doors are wrapped in silvery mesh, the floors are pale and smooth. Textures are mostly glass and metal. Round and rectangular tables are widely, luxuriously spaced. And the chairs may just be the most comfortable restaurant seats ever. They even twirl, the better to see who is sitting where.
S. Irene's prose seems to lack a certain finesse when it comes to describing decor. Doors sparkly. Floors smooth. Tables big. We don't think Christopher Hawthorne has anything to worry about just yet.
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