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Mel Moves Out of Malibu

Luxist reports that Mel Gibson has put his Malibu home back on the market, just 9 months after purchasing it for $24 million. The house has everything a God-fearing, Crucifixion-fetishizing director could want: 7,000-sq feet, six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a gym, library, an office, elevator, bar, lagoon pool and a cabana. And one minor inconvenience: Britney Spears as next door neighbor. Annoyed by the frequent police and child services visits, stalker paparazzi, and we can only assume the dulcet strains of Papazao , Mel and his brood of, like, 73 kids will move to a home he already owns closer to the church he recently financed.
·Mel to Sell Malibu Pad [Luxist]