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Wednesday Morning Linkage

Awesome. The Crocodile Hunter is returning to Los Angeles for a second year to try to hunt down and capture Reggie, the lake squatting alligator. Reggie has been out of sight since he presumably went into hibernation last fall. Now that things are warming up he's likely to start hunting for food, putting all of us in mortal danger.
· Crikey! Look Who's Hunting Reggie Now! [Mayor Sam's Sister City]

We don't know why we hate these, we just know we do. Maybe it's our fear of anything new. That being said, we're not big fans of "microhouses". Microhouses appeal to those with a desire for less and they're gaining popularity among a small population of architects and normal sized people. What was once your tool shed, may be your new home.
· Move Over, McMansions: Microhouses Are on the Rise []

Big news in terms of big plans. The LA County MTA has found the idea of building twin-tunnels under South Pasadena to complete the 710 freeway to be "physically, environmentally and financially feasible." Evil mega conglomerate Parsons Brinkeroff, who conducted the study, says the tunnels, if approved, would take a decade or more to complete at a cost of $3 billion. That's a lot of money to travel 6.2 miles.
· Routes Unveiled for Proposed Twin Tunnels Linking Pasadena, Alhambra [LA Times]

Lansner on Real Estate
reports on the sad state of affairs in the SoCal housing market. A recent Harvard housing study found that "our typical housing runs 12.7 times local pay," putting our region at the top of the list for worst sale price vs salary comparison. For 145 markets, the average sale price is 3.9 times local pay. As a commenter notes, "You can't have a market if people can't afford the product."
· LA/OC home affordabilty ranked worst for 7th year [Lansner on Real Estate]