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Mappping Class Struggle

Given the contentious argument going on in the comments section over the South Central Farm, we thought this might be a good time to fan the flames between our audience of malcontents, misanthropes and moralizers. LA Observed points us to A People's Guide to LA,:

"an attempt to map sites of racial and class struggle in Los Angeles’ history and landscape" Sites mapped and capsuled include the Black Panther Party headquarters at 4115 S. Central Avenue where a deadly 1969 clash with the LAPD went down; Self-Help Graphics at 3802 Cesar Chavez Avenue, the Chicano-focused visual arts center; Holiday Bowl at 3730 Crenshaw Boulevard, opened by Japanese Americans after World War II; and the old General Motors assembly plant in Panorama City, site of numerous labor struggles.

Play nice, kids.
·A People's Guide to LA
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