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In-N-Out: Medium Rare and Gone

(image via Flickr user Clint_fv)

Two pieces of news on In-N-Out cross our inbox this morning. Our burger infatuated National Editor emailed to let us know that apparently you can now get your In-N-Out burgers rare or medium rare. Yes you, cowering in the corner, with fear of eColi and Mad Cow, can have your burger a bit juicier. A Hamburger Today posts on a discussion in their comments that elicited a response from an In-N-Out rep.
...someone claiming to be an In-N-Out associate commented back: "Just so you know, you can get your meat cooked to order. Just specify to the order taker that you want your burger either med-rare or rare, and they'll be happy to cook it for you. We have the safest meat in the nation at the cleanest facillity in the joke. Eat w/o worries. :) " In the other piece of burger news, In the Oaks reports that the In-N-Out at the corner of Moorpark and Van Nuys will soon be no more - replaced by one of those mixed-use developments. Apparently, the new project known as Watergardens will occupy the former site of the In-N-Out and a nearby stripmall. Sad.
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