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Dispatches from AIA: Beach Babe and Boring White Dudes

We got this note from our correspondent at the AIA Conference which wrapped up over the weekend. She promises pitures of stuff tomorrow. Until then, she looks at what the architects of today are wearing as they build our cities of tomorrow. Blech, we're all going midwestern...

"As for fashion "on the edge" I was thoroughly disappointed. I expected to see many sheeky nerds, but all I got was a bunch of older white guys that look like the most creative person from their small midwestern town. What a bunch of average looking people. Too bad because there was a lot of potential for quick L.A. makeovers (Paul Mitchell was busy giving makeovers to people at the AVP tourney in Hermosa this weekend. Yeah, like those guys need better haircuts). I wanted to see more black turtlenecks, thick plastic glasses and jeans with sportcoats. It seemed that proof of ownership of a black European loafer was requirement for entrance to the convention. For the most part, architects stayed to themselves, but I did manage to get a few numbers.

One event I missed on Friday morning was a chance to see Antoine Predock (pictured), the 2006 AIA Gold Medallist speak. Or at least stand on the podium listening to the US anthem while the silver and bronze medallists pretend to be happy for him. Last time I heard him speak was about ten years ago when he came to my freshman architecture seminar. Why the hell he would waste his time with a freshman class from a state school is beyond me, but I think it had to do with my teacher who was considered a hot piece of ass in the architecture world. Anyway, Predock received the highest honor from the AIA, and if anyone attended, I would like an update."

That's all from the beach babe today. More tomorrow.