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2x8 Swell: Party Pictures

Over the weekend, we attended the 2x8 Swell reception with our very own photographer (what? You travel without one? Poor thing). Our disappointment at being denied access to the lofts upstairs at the Gas Company building AND not winning the Vespa in the raffle, was somewhat offset by the free wine, the music and the funky banana chairs. Below, find some of the photos from the party, with our photographer's "interpretative" commentary:

Olan: Hans! Vas is das?
Hans: Is chewing gum, yah?
Olan: Chewing gum?
Hans: Yah, unt zie gum is spat out to make zie buliding model!
Olan: Zees model is spat gum? From the chewing?
Hans: Yah, yah, und vie. Est zie new method modelmaking.
Olan: Gross.
Hans: A bit, yah.
Olan: Not gross as much as zie shirt you're vering.
Hans: Fuck off, Olan. Not like zie chewing gum models, zie flower print Hava-yan shirt is timeless.

More party pix after the jump.

Misty and Christa have, like, a totally killer view of the Gas Company Loft party. Lord god king bu-fu view!!!

Two turn tables and strike a pose.

Spat building models. Medium: baseball card deck chewing gum.