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A Brief Summation of Market News

Sorry for the total lack of posting today. We've got illnesses, impending trips overseas, and general malaise to deal with. Speaking of malaise...uhh, yeah, the housing market in these parts continues to wobble around. The Walk-Through provides a look at the price-chopping sweeping the real estate market. And now Warren Buffet has jumped on the doom and gloom bandwagon, noting increasing inventories in some of the formerly hottest markets and likening today's market to yesteryear's dot-com bubble.

"The day traders of the Internet moved into trading condos, and that kind a speculation can produce a market that can move in a big way. You can get real discontinuities. We've had a real bubble to some degree. I would be surprised if there aren't some significant downward adjustments, especially in the higher end of the housing market."
But we've heard all that before.
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