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Rumblings and Bumblings: We Got Your Questions

(Photo Credit: Carlos Puma, Washington Post)

We're back after last week's disaster. If you forgot how this works, we post questions sent in by you or your curious neighbors about development issues around the City. Then, you, the well-informed insider or know-it-all neighbor, respond with a brief synopsis of what you know. Everyone goes away happy on Thursday when we post the answers. Email us at

1) Beverly Hills: A reader frightened by the lack of questions last week pipes up with one of his own, "For years and years, there was a big lot that sat empty along the north side of Sunset Blvd. (I think at Alpine) right in the heart of Beverly Hills. Besides a broke-down wall/fence along parts of the property, it appeared to just be brush and grass. I drove by this weekend for the first time in ages and noticed that there was all sorts of building going on there. What's the story today and what's the history of the lot? I heard rumors that the owner was holding it undeveloped out of spite 'cause of something the city of BH did years ago."

2) Atwater Village: The Newbie needs some help tracking down a Pea in the AV:"Dilapidated," "drab," "skeezy." Does anyone know where I can find this heaven on earth in Atwater Village? It's the headquarters of Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas, or so sayeth this Washingon Post article."

3) Glendale/AV: Just a mini-mall or something much more exciting?? "you might have already answered this question before, but do you know what is going in at the corner of los feliz and san fernando blvd? right at the cusp of the glendale/atwater village border? the hardware store that was there a long time ago was torn down and the lot has sat empty for quite some time. and then last week they started digging."

4) Westside: More Trader Joe's? A reader wants to know about a Westwood TJ. "Awhile back the Daily Bruin mentioned talk of a TJ's being build on Le Conte (possible in the lot behind Jerry's). Haven't [heard] much about it lately. So what's the skinny? Driving all the way down westwood blvd. SUCKS since it is down to one lane in places."

5) Mid-Wilshire/Fairfax: A two-fer question about development along La Brea. "Has anyone heard any rumblings on what will become of these two large commercial complexes near La Brea and 3rd St?

a.- The monolithic Continental Graphics building complex on the west side of La Brea between 1st and 2nd St. It's a huge block long commercial parcel that finally closed down and went up for sale or lease last year. There's been quite a bit of commercial investment and redevelopment along this stretch of La Brea -- seems strange that this
property appears to be sitting idle for so long.

b.- More recently the two story Chevrolet car dealership on the east side of La Brea and 4th St shut down and went up for sale. Does anyone know what may become of it?"

6) Mid-Wilshire: Hmmm.. we hope this isn't a potential knock down. "So what's going to happen to the huge Conga Room space on Wilshire now that it's closing? The space includes the somewhat-preserved camera facade which is one of the few programmatic buildings left in L.A."

Please email your answers if you know somehing and we'll post them Thursday. Thanks!