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Architectural Record Takes on LA

[Photo of Jai House © Jonn Coolidge]

At first we were perplexed, and perhaps a little alarmed, by BusinessWeek's suddenly eloquent ruminations on modern architecture - what the hell did those suits know about sustainable housing, or downtown's revitalization? But its all starting to make sense now: BusinessWeek and Architectural Record are owned by the same publisher - and now those cute little architecture articles have made their way onto the big, bad-ass business brand's web site. Mystery solved. Anyhoo, this month's ArchRecord is all about LA and worth a click past the BusinessWeek coverage. A couple of good reads include May's House of the Month in Venice, this month's Project Portfolio, which includes a few we've seen ad nauseum like the Getty Villa, and a few we haven't like Lorcan O'Herlihy's Jai House (a recent cover subject in Britain's Living Etc. that made us all tingly), and for you architecture students, a good primer on how to break into TV set design.