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Sex Didn't Sell: Erotic Museum Closes

As if providing a litmus test on Hollywood Boulevard's conversion from a downtrodden, smut-ridden boulevard of broken dreams to a shiny, happy sanitized tourist trap, The Erotic Museum is closing. Apparently, it just can't compete with the Gap and Victoria's Secret for the tourists who come to gape at Hollywood and Highland. If you find yourself in need of some memorabilia of happier times, the museum is having a fire sale through this weekend. And they're not going out without a swipe at some of their more established museum peers:

"It's a troubled time in LA County for the museum business in general." noted curator Eric Singley. "With leadership questions at some of the major museums in town and flagging attendance at nearly all museums, we're all in a state of limbo." Could that be a not-so-subtle swipe at the Getty we hear?
Fire Sale on Sexy Art: the Erotic Museum Fails [LA Voice]