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Friday Linko de Mayo

The Burrito Blog takes an interesting look at the contribution of immigrant workers to our daily lives- in the work they perform making burritos. "Burritos increase worker productivity: 1) Establishments often have long lines and limited seating. When lunch is ordered to go, workers return to work more quickly. So says my old boss. 2) The speed at which burrito creators operate inspires me to work harder, faster."
· America Needs Burritos [Burrito Blog]

Can't get enough of Frank Gehry? **Cough*Loser*Cough** If you hadn't heard, there's a new movie out called "Sketches of Frank Gehry." Sydney Pollack directs this unrepentant unrelenting loving look at the man and his work. What makes a man like Frank Gehry tick? We hear from his psychologist to get to the center of the Gehry universe. And in the end we learn he's just like us.
· Review: Sketches of Frank Gehry []

The cost of redoing the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel and adding a couple of luxury condominium towers has ballooned from about $200 million the first time we heard about it, to approximately $500 million, according to Westside Today Online. Neighbors are starting to stir from their deep slumber, making grumbles about the two 13-story towers proposed for the site. And the traffic! Oy! As one neighbor notes, as it is now it takes them 25 minutes to drive one-mile from Century City to Beverly Hills. Development could start in as little as three years, so hopefully they'll work these issues out in the meantime.
· $500 million in changes to Beverly Hilton [Westside Today Online]