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Craigslist Adverts.: A Lesson in Marketing

If you're not in the business of putting your face on bus stop benches, you need to be creative to rent your apartment or find your ideal roommate. Here are a few examples, sent in by readers, of quality listings on Craigslist.

1) A little poetry goes a long way: "Oh empty apartment, in a building filled with potted trees. All we ask from your new occupants, is a simple 1 year lease. Your sink and faucet, brand new stainless steel. The new flooring is slate, although it's not real." continued...- $1595 / 2br - ODE TO A VACANT APARTMENT [Craigslist]
2) Is there a better way to advertise your apartment than with a picture of yourself in a speedo?: "3 bedroom 2 bath home with laundry, storage, skinny dipping heated pool, $680 a month plus $55 toward utilities, dark blue carpet, and closet." - $680 - Pool House 2 share with gay men [Craigslist]