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McMansion Envy #019

Look at the above McMansion. Lovely, isn't it? Must be somewhere in Orange County, no? Costa Mesa? Irvine? Maybe Mission Viejo? Guess again.

Its in China. Yep, there is a growing appetite for SoCal-style living within our favorite superpower's borders, as they recreate US neighborhoods including "Soho, Central Park, Palm Springs and Manhattan Gardens." And to ensure the facsimile is as "authentic" as possible the neighborhoods are "designed by Southern California architects, with model homes decorated by Los Angeles interior designers. The basement pool tables are American. The appliances are imported. The tiles, wood siding and wall sconces are from the United States, too." No word yet on whether the new communities include air pollution, crippling traffic and scary Botoxed housewives. Just watch them get an NFL team before us.
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