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Wednesday Afternoon Linkage

The lack of affordable housing isn't just affecting regular Joes. Apparently, the state is facing a housing shortage for convicted sex offenders who are paroled. An increase in legislation on local residency limits means the state is now temporarily housing high risk offenders in goverment offices, motels, and...near Disneyland?
Sex Offender Housing Scarce [LA Times]
National Sex Offender Public Registry

The LA Daily News wants us to start walking. For FUN. The paper covers "Walking LA" with 36 guided urban tours, including downtown, UCLA and USC, and the Venice Canals.
Author wants you on your feet [LA Daily News]

If you spent all your time cleaning, dusting and baking cookies for your open house, guess what? All that hard work probably paid off for your agent, and probably didn't do you much good. Agents finally admit: sales almost never result from a traditional open house, but its a great tool for agents to network for new clients. So stop baking those cookies, let the dust gather and make the agents do their job.
Is an open house a waste of time? [MSN Real Estate]