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Koreatown Gets Higher

[Image from California Connected]

As if we needed any more proof of Koreatown's planned gentrification, California Connected reports on plans for a new luxury highrise at 3670 Wilshire. Brought to us by Legacy Partners, the same firm responsible for Hollywood and Vine and the nearby -ish Legacy on Wilshire Miracle Mile, this development will stand nearly 40 stories, more than twice as high as most of the other luxury condominiums in K-town. Hoping to lure wealthy Korean immigrants homesick for the skyscrapers of Seoul, the luxury condos will feature:
The half-acre Sky Terrace, an urban retreat with swimming pools, spas, cabanas, fountains and outdoor fireplaces; a state-of-the-art fitness center; clubrooms with kitchens and lounges; and a mediaroom for large party viewings. We might be willing to reserve criticism if that mediaroom has Karaoke. We are willing to forgive most major real estate disasters, incongruous development with no regard for the surrounding community, and vulgar displays of wealth if there is karaoke involved.
Changing the K-Town Skyline [California Connected]