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Rumblings & Bumblings: The Case of the Lava Lady

All your questions in one place... Let's see if your neighbors know the answers. We hope you had a good holiday and are ready to respond before Thursday. As always, please email your answers to or leave a comment.

1) Miracle Mile/Mid Wilshire: A reader has a two parter. "What's going on at Fairfax between Wilshire and 6th Street where that chicken restaurant used to be? They tore the restaurant down about a year ago and are just breaking ground on a new structure. " They also want to know what's going on with Johny's at Fairfax & Wilshire. we tried answering this awhile ago, but the consensus was that the owner had no public plans for the site other than renting it out. Any new news?

2) Fairfax: Who or what is the Lava Lady first of all, then answer this reader's question: "This (see image above) is what the Lava Lady's house (on Clinton & Detroit) looks like now....ugly ain't it? At least it had 'character' before...My question is: what happened to the Lava Lady and why did she sell her compound?"

3) Studio City: We asked our property guru, who unfortunately could provide no info. Maybe one of you readers can help out. "I wondered if your real estate guru has anything to say about the Schindler apartments that have been on the market for about a year or so.... I dream of buying them and lording over my own little Schindler kingdom..."

4) West LA/Mar Vista: Something might be happening in Mar Vista. "Was wondering what was going on at the site on Centinella just south of the 10. It's a rather large former apartment building/motel complex that's decaying rapidly and fenced in as if ready for construction, but nothing has been happening on the site for months. Any ideas?"

5) Pasadena: we think we know this answer, but could be wrong. "Do you know what is being built at the base of the Colorado St. bridge in Pasadena? The one that runs parallel to the 134 east? It almost looks like homes or a retail structure but it is completely tucked into the mountain under the bridge?"

6) Hollywood: Maybe the Lava Lady has moved to the Banana Bungalow. Or maybe not. "Does anyone know what is happening at the former site of the Hollywood Banana Bungalow just north of the Hollywood Bowl on the Cahuenga Pass? I know that they moved a few months ago but it looks like the building has just been recently demolished."

We think that's all the questions for this week. If we missed your's please email us and we'll tag it on. Best of luck until Thursday.