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Your Next Car Accident Is Just Around the Corner

The number crunchers at Allstate Insurance have just released their 2006 Best Drivers Report, to determine which cities are the "safest." Guess where LA ranks on a list of 200 cities? We're 184, leaving just 16 cities as worse places to drive. (Although our stats sensors went off when we're in the same study as Sioux Falls, SD, and Fort Collins, CO - can you really compare?). With a national average of about one car accident every ten years per driver, LA's 7 year average leaves us 42.9% more likely to crash in an automotive fireball than the rest of the country. So get off your fucking cell phone and signal when you change lanes.
Study: Sioux Falls is safest driving city [USA Today]
The 2006 Allstate America's Best Drivers Report [Allstate pdf]