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McMansion Backlash Spreads to the OC

(Picture by Sang H. Park, OC Register)

The City of Westminister is looking into new restrictions on the size of homes in their community. Like everyone else in America, Westministerians are sick and tired of these monster homes blighting their neighborhoods, threatening to swallow up their children as they consume uncontrollably. The OC Register reports:

Members of the Westminster Planning Commission tonight will discuss possible limits on the sizes of new and remodeled houses. "The concern is primarily aesthetics, that some of the newer homes are not compatible with the existing neighborhood," said Art Bashmakian, the city's planning manager. "There has been some mention that in larger homes, people are renting out the rooms."

The Planning Commission might follow a similar route as Fountain Valley which limited the size of homes to fifty percent of the lot size.
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