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PropertyShark Rocks our Data Porn World

If you're a fan or casual reader of New York Curbed (our brother site), then you are probably familiar with the PropertyShark. in addition to providing property reports, the PropertyShark takes the mundane map and through use of information we're not privvy too, or maybe we are, creates dynamic maps that are content rich. Through the magic of the Internets, the PropertyShark is now doing some creative content for Los Angeles. So what does the PShark say about LA?

By land area LA County is mostly residential. West of the 110 freeway commercial shopping areas have well-defined patterns as they line major arteries. It looks like a grid of reddish pink drawn across the city. This is a common pattern in older, mature metropoli. The exception in Los Angeles County is the southeast corner in the areas surrounding cities like Paramount, Lakewood, Cerritos, Bellflower, and Downey. There the commercial areas appear like irregular pink pimples plopped down on random intersections amid otherwise solidly residential neighborhoods. Interested readers can explore the maps themselves. Like Google's maps they are free and highly interactive."

We've determined through the PShark's analysis that we in fact live in one of the highest concentrated areas of single men in LA County, other than WeHo, Venice and Downtown (which is a surprising meat market). Crazy.
Web Site: PropertyShark LA
Or for the maps, go here.