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Happy Memorial Day!

Just a reminder as you focus more on your tan than your job, we have launched our first ever Broker Boys and Babes Contest. That means we need your submissions...

So, we're looking for you the readers to submit your SoCal broker hotties (male and female, or other) for judgement to us at Once again, here's the set-up:

Entranced by a broker you've worked with, chatted with, or just gazed at via the web? Send along his or her name, a link to their bio (and photo!) on the relevant broker website, and a brief reason why you're nominating them, all to (Anonymity guaranteed, of course.) We'll tally the submissions, then open up the most popular nominees for a reader vote. Winning brokers get the adulation of coworkers, the scorn of ugly people, and probably a few referrals. We're taking submissions for a couple of weeks before we open things up to the polls in mid to late June. We eagerly await your emails. Now please enjoy the rest of your holiday.
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