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Paris Hilton's Home for Wayward Chihauhaus

Luxist alerts us to the latest in celebrity real estate: Paris Hilton has bought a Tuscan-style home in the Hollywood Hills for about $3.1 million, just a stone's throw from Cameron Diaz. What sort of tasteful amenities can you find at Chez Hilton? Besides a 400 sq ft closet, a $20,000 mirrored, four-poster bed, and a $43,000 Baccarat crystal chandelier in the lounge (what, no stripper pole?), it also comes with a designated pet living area:

There is a special gated section inside the house where Paris's dogs will sit on pink pillows and drink from pink bowls. Each dog has its own personal crown, as well. Not one to exclude any of her pets, Paris has also commissioned a custom cage for her monkey, though the last time we heard about the monkey, it was supposedly being confiscated by Los Angeles officials.
Wait - thrones, tiaras and garish colors? Sounds suspiciously like Posh and Beck's wedding all those years ago.
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