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Thursday Morning Linkage: Water Edition

[Photo Credit: AP Photo]

Let's start with the good news first: The city opened the first of what should be several parks in LA that also serve as water filtration sites along the LA River. Marsh Park, near Elysian Valley, was built to purify water runoff from surrounding streets, deposit it into a collection area, then cleaned and put back into the groundwater. Yeah, the photo doesn't look like much, but apparently there is "recreational" space as well.
Newest park in city helps clean water [LA Daily News]

And onto the bad news. It almost seems like the LA River will soon be cleaner than the Pacific. According to Heal the Bay's annual beach report card, most of the 10 most polluted beaches are in LA County, including the five worst in the state. So where are you most likely to contract hepatitus, colitus and the clap just from swimming in the water? The LA Times warns us away from:
Will Rogers State Beach at Chautauqua Boulevard; the Santa Monica Municipal Pier area; Cabrillo Beach on the harbor side at the lifeguard tower; Surfrider Beach in Malibu; Topanga State Beach; Avalon Beach on Catalina Island; Doheny Beach in Orange County; the Tijuana River mouth near San Diego; and Pillar Point Harbor beach at Capistrano Avenue in San Mateo County. Those sites had the most frequent violations for bacteria levels.
Happy Memorial Day!
L.A. County Replete With State's Dirtiest Beaches [LA Times]
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