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Rumblings & Bumblings: Late Edition

Sorry about the delay in this weeks R&B. We got busy yesterday. Answers will be posted on Friday, so please if you have any answers to the following questions, please let us know. Email them to us at

1) Beverly Hills: A fervent reader asks, "I am wondering if anyone knows what is going on at the corner of Gregory and S Hamilton Dr? There are about 4 properties, an apartment building, duplex, and either other duplexes or homes that have a new chain link fence around them and seem likes they might be torn down for something new."

2) Santa Monica: A plywood nightmare in Santa Monica? "I have been driving past the same boarded up never finished condo/apt. building on Broadway in SM (between Centinela and 26th on the south side of street) for years. It's just a decrepit plywood shell someone walked away from several years ago. Surely, the land is worth something unless there are a bunch of liens on the property. Seems odd that no one's come up with the funds to finish it or a bulldozer to raze it..."

3) Los Angeles Hey jackasses, this fellow checked the web before he asked his question, so no back talk. "I have a questions and forgive me if it's been asked already. Would anyone know what they are building near the 10 and 101 interchange? It's all that freeway construction right before you enter downtown LA. Are they building an elevated carpool lane or something else? I tried searching the web, but have had no luck finding an explanation.

4) Marina del Rey: Where have all the shops gone, a reader queries. " there any way to find out where the shops that used to be in the Marina del Rey Plaza on Washington Blvd. have relocated? There used to be a great jeweler there, I think it was Marina Jewelers and the owner's name was George. Anybody know if he's still in business?"

5) Los Angeles: So you want to find a used bike in LA, and you don't trust Craigslist. "In light of recent gas prices and the "bike to work day", I ask does anyone know a used bike shop? Not a mountain bike, and not a two thousand dollar racing bike. You know, a "beater" bike."

6) Venice: The invasion of corporate coffee. "I live in Venice Beach and as you may or may not know, there's a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that's about to open on the corner of Windward and Pacific. This is of great concern to me since I love Cafe College and the local Venice vibe it has. I hate the idea of corporate america moving in directly across the street from them. But, I'm not writing to complain about the invasion in Venice. I'm actually now concerned about the two construction sites also on Windward Ave (west of Pacific). I'm wondering if you or your readers have any idea what's to inhabit those lots. I'm hoping it's not a Starbucks, but anythings possible. Ok, I am writing to complain about the invasion in Venice. Sorry!"

7) Silver Lake Adj.: A question about suspicious development. "So what really is happening at the corner of Virgil and De Longpre? The lot is now cleared and ready for something?"

8) North Hollywood: A reader wants activity at this site in NoHo. "This two story brick building is very nice (at 5800 Lankershim in North Hollywood). Several months ago it had one of those pending liquor license signs in the window. Now it's boarded up and plastered with ads again. It's the one structure on a city owned lot that was supposed to be an 8000 seat arena that didn't get past the planning stages. Hey, what's up with that whole lot?"

9) Hollywood: More H&M hunting. "Anyone have a clue where the Hollywood H&M will be? It was reported it would be across from Hollywood and Highland; so the south side of Hollywood Boulevard. I work in the area and no signs, notices, nothin'. I'm hoping they'll clear away those tacky shops to the right of the El Capitan and clean up the two floor buidling that sits atop them and throw the H&M in there. Then we can see the H&M in the back of those paparazzi movie premier shots instead of those horrid tzotchke stores.

Please remember, we will post your answers on Friday. Thanks