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McMansion Envy #020

Do you ever find yourself in Seal Beach saying to yourself, "What this place really needs is more Tuscany." We know we often do. This faux-Tuscan mcmansion in Seal Beach is of the non-traditional sort. We can't claim it's oversized for its lot, and we can't make fun of its hideous garage doors, but we can point out the garish colors on the outside, the architectural mismatch, and the extravagant (EXTRAvagant) interior - more fitting for a hookah bar than a beach house, we say. This 'Tuscan Villa' features three fireplaces, silk fabrics decorating the windows, marble and wood floors, and more shit crammed into one building than one would think is possible. Retail Price: $2,995,000.
· 1303 Seal Way, Seal Beach, CA 90740 []