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We Shall Overcome... Joan Baez in a Tree

With bulldozers set to bulldoze at any moment now, the South Los Angeles Community Gardens has received tree-sitting support from folkster Joan Baez. Baez, along with two other professional tree sitters, are drawing attention to the plight of the farmer-squatters who use the land to provide nourishment. Darryl Hannah is also at the gardens, holding her ground in a tent. The latest developments don't look good for retention of the gardens, however, reports the LA Times:

Efforts to save the 14-acre garden at 41st and Alameda streets suffered a serious setback last week when a nonprofit group trying to acquire the parcel said it was still $10 million short of the owner's asking price. The owner, developer Ralph Horowitz, wants $16.35 million for the property.

Horowitz can begin evicting the farmers this week in order to build warehouses for, ummm, Wal Mart... yeah, that's like a double whammy. The Mayor has located a smaller parcel of land some 6 miles away at 111th and Avalon and some farmers have started going there. Things might get ugly if a bulldozer runs over Joan Baez.
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