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Tuesday Morning Linkage: Development Edition

A reader points us to this series on Koreatown's development, including an entertainment and retail complex with a Korean-language movie theater. The four-part series examines the shifting demographics in K-town, as well as the scale and pace of development there. Apparently, its huge and fast. As long as it doesn't displace the alcoholics and degenerates at the HMS Bounty, its fine with us.
Many Subtitles in K-Town [California Connected]

This week's issue of LA Downtown News is the annual development issue. Have you been wondering what's going on with Taylor Yards? The Biscuit Company Lofts? The LA River? The Exposition Light Rail? Angel's Flight Funicular? Its all in there. In fact, the Downtown News tracks 156 different development projects. They also profile the Most Important Downtown Developer You've Never Heard Of: Portland-based Homer WIlliams. What makes him the anti-developer developer? Apparently it has something to do with his beard. Don't ask us, just read it.
The Coming of the Cranes [LA Downtown News]
The Visionary [LA Downtown News]

Business Week delivers again! This time they're profiling Los Angeles architecture firm Rios Clemente Hale Studios. Business Week isn't just interested in the studios landscaping and architecture projects - they also feature their line of housewares including garden stakes, plates, and furniture.
From Towers to Dishes [Business Week]