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Curbed LA Pricechopper: DeKeyser Reduced

The brokers for R.M. Schindler's DeKeyser house may have been a little too effective at keeping away prospective buyers when they warned "[The house] is not for the faint of heart." The house has no parking, is 65 steps up from Highland and is situated next to the ongoing construction for Frank Lloyd Wright's Freeman House renovation. How do you put a price on these little inconveniences? Apparently its about $100,000. The house's asking price is now $795,000, reduced after a couple of months on the market. Signs of a slowing market? A waning appetite for Modernism? Or could it be buyers can't even find the house with instructions like this?:

DIRECTIONS: The house can be reached ONLY ON FOOT. There is NO PARKING. In fact there is NO DRIVEWAY. There is two hour street parking a block or so away on Orchid, Pinehurst, Hillcrest and Bonita Terrace - just West of Highland and North of Franklin. From these streets you may reach the house by walking East along Franklin to Highland. Alternately, you may park on Franklin or in Whitley Heights, on the streets East of Highland. The stairway and path leading to the house intersects the sidewalk on the West side of Highland just North of Franklin, next to the beauty shop (look for our “For Sale” sign).
R.M. Schindler, Architect John DeKeyser “Double Residence” – 1935 [The Value of Architecture]