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Curbed LA: Opening Our Mailbag

When we opened up our comments, we thought we might lose some of the crazy, informative and seriously pissed off emails we receive from time to time. Good to see some of you are still writing us. Please drop us a line at when we slander your neighborhood, race, or religion or when you have an update, correction, or question. We try!

Subject: more info on Hollywood
In a follow-up to last week's R&B question about the corner of Hollywood and Western, a reader emails in the following information: "The CRA, the Lee Group, and CIM are doing the redevelopment deal on that corner. It includes the whole block, from the Gershwin Hotel to the Hot Dog stand. They've been having community meetings about it for about a year... They appear to be moving forward with a mixed use development, but it also happens to be on the market (see loopnet)."

Subject: Playa Vista
It's starting to look like a complete redo on last week's R&B. This time the original inquisitor emailed with an answer to her own question: "Hi, I'm the person who asked the original question about Playa Vista Stages. I talked to their community affairs person and they say that they're just moving some dirt around, not starting any specific construction. They're going to start on the Clippers facility later in the year. Eventually there will be some office buildings there, but none of them will be higher than 5-6 stories."

Subject: This is less a tip than extortion...
Ha. A brilliant email from a sinister reader looking to get us to do his leg work by finding him a house in the Hills in exchange for satiating our unquenchable Batali thirst. Pure evil. "I work a block away from Batali-topia. I will take pictures and give updates (and leave them on your door in a black suitcase) if I can get a little help for myself. Selfish, I know, but it's tough out here. Find me a 5 bed house in hollywood or the hills before they get too steep, for rent, not too shabby, not too pricey, and yeah, mid-c mod (or at least point me in the right direction, suggestions, ideas?). Impossible, you say? Depends on how badly you want your Batali updates. The ball is in your court..."

more mailbag fun later on...