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Pirates of WeHo: Curse of the Jaded NIMBY

If you haven't scoured the news like we have, then you're probably in the dark about Johnny Depp's latest happenings. Depp has reportedly launched a lawsuit against the peaceful people of WeHo in order to stop a proposed development on Sunset Boulevard. Development company Venice Investments has proposed to build the above rendered "Sunset Park" at 8305 Sunset Boulevard. The commercial development would rise 40 to 45 feet above street level, creating a huge issue for Mr. Depp.

"The Finding Neverland star is embroiled in a lawsuit against the city of West Hollywood to stop the construction of a Sunset Strip shopping center that he says will ruin the view of Los Angeles from his Hollywood Hills home. Depp is arguing that the city violated environmental quality laws by approving the project, which is set to include shops, a restaurant and a parking garage." Depp says the commercial development would block part of the view from his back terrace, which would deprive his children of views into Downtown's soon-to-be Gehry wonderland. That's practically child abuse. Depp's lawsuit has delayed start of the project by about a year.
· Depp Wants Room for His View [E! Online]