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Tuesday Afternoon Linkage (sorta)

Planetizen, the urban planning and development site, has released their Top 10 sites of 2006. And while we're pleased to be included, there are also a couple of other sites worth linking to on their list. Clearly, they have good taste. Two other LA-centric sites on their list: The LA Conservancy's Curating the City, providing an elegant, interactive exploration of Wilshire Blvd, the pilot program for the site. And for the data geek in all of us, UCLA's Neighborhood Knowledge California 2.0, aka NKCA 2.0. The site lets users overlay census data with neighborhood info, or create unique themes. Sure, there are others like this out there, but this one has a local flavor.
Curating the City [LA Conservancy]
Neighborhood Knowledge California [UCLA]
Top 10 Websites 2006 [Planetizen]