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Not Quite Done with Jane Jacobs Tributes

The only thing we love more than Jane Jacobs, is the never-ending spate of Jane Jacobs homages, eulogies, reminiscences, and tributes. Know what else we love? Los Angeles. But nary the twain shall meet. Until now. Now that LA's planners, bureaucrats and developers just can't stop talking about density, diversity and reinvigorating neighborhoods, it seems like 40 years on, Jane's ideas are finally filtering west. The Planning Report presents this remiscence by Sam Kaplan Hall, who our half-brother blog The Gutter has called a "venerable LA nuisance." He never quite manages to intersect Jane and LA, but we've gone soft for Sammy anyway.
· ‘Radiant & Endearing,’ Jane Jacobs Reminded Planners How to Appreciate the ‘Visceral’ City [The Planning Report]