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D-DAY for Downtown Park is Nigh

A decision that could affect the look of our loverly downtown area for generations to come is scheduled for tomorrow. The long drawn out battle over a downtown park on the former site of CalTrans headquarters, where the new LAPD headquarters is now proposed, will get a Council vote tomorrow in a Special Council meeting at 10:15 am. The new Parker Center, which we have no love for, architecturally speaking, will also bring with it a police parking garage on the site where M.J. Higgins Gallery and the La Costena taco stand now reside. If you've been in the City Hall area recently you've probably noticed the banner hanging off the Higgins Building (no relation to the M.J. Higgins Gallery) asking Mayor Villaraigosa to save the downtown park. We excitedly look forward to the conclusion of this nail biter fiasco.

An email from Martha Higgins of M.J. Higgins Gallery after the jump. Save the Green Space!

Dear Friends, I cannot stress this enough. THERE WILL BE NO GREEN SPACE, NO PARK DOWNTOWN, UNLESS YOU ACT! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR A PARK BY ATTENDING THIS MEETING PLEASE. Best to arrive early, park in our lot and walk down with me at 9:30. The signing in process can take quite awhile.

Yesterday afternoon, the Council's Committee voted in favor of the Police Headquarter project and are pushing it through for a vote by the City Council in less than the required time, (notice is to be given at least 72 hours in advance) 25 hours.

We represented the community very well yesterday with 8 speakers and a stack of documents including petitions that were turned in. We apparently made them squirm, and so they are hurrying it up. It was observed by 1 of the 2 City Councilmen that adequate reaction from the public was not allowed in the beginning and we have never been given a say on the location. Some have been diligently fighting for the betterment of Downtown for 2 years. I have been attending every meeting and hearing for the past 1 1/2 years. Please support all our efforts by creating a crowd at this final meeting.

Thank you very much,

Martha Higgins