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Let the Monorail Solve Our Problems!

What kind of urban development blog would we be if we didn't have at least one story about a monorail. A reader emailed us a link to the Wilshire Monorail web site that touts the benefits of monorail transportation. In addition to a multitude of pretty pictures, the site also features an endorsement from David Hernandez, a candidate for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. So what's the benefit of building a monorail? We're glad you asked.

"While the proposed "Subway to the Sea" would eventually cost far more than the currently projected $350 million per mile to build, the Wilshire Monorail can actually be built for an estimated $100 million per mile. And while the proposed subway will take a projected 20 years to complete, the Wilshire Monorail can be up and operating in less than five years. That translates to less than one-fourth the cost to construct and less than one-fourth the time to complete." So as you can see, the monorail is the solution to all of our transportation problems. Monorail!
Site: Wilshire Monorail
· Wilshire Monorail [West LA Business Monthly]