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Development News of Note

Santa Ana: A political unsavvy Santa Ana councilmember has been caught up in a corruption scandal, reports the LA Times. In one of the most blatant examples of stupidity we've seen in these parts, Councilwoman Victoria Betancourt voted to approve ground floor development of developer Mike Harrah's One Broadway Plaza in Santa Ana (pictured above), and ten days later put a deposit down on a unit in a Harrah development in Hawaii. But of course there's more: "Betancourt said this week that she initially didn't consider the condo purchase , free ride on the [developer's] jet and two-night hotel stay conflicts of interest." Of course not.

Glendale: The Daily News reports that a 24-story luxury condominium tower with 287 units is planned for Glendale. The project will include 10 lovely "sky gardens" on terrace levels along the facade of the project. Pictures anyone??

Orange County: Ken Smith, the designer/architect extraordinaire who was picked to do Orange County's Great Park, gets profiled in the Daily Breeze. Mr. Smith is whimsical, enthusiastic, down to earth, and an inventive synthesizer. Whatever that means. Mr. Smith surveys the former El Toro Marine Base, and decides that what he must first do is "heal the land." Once said land is healed, expect lush greenery, a man made canyon, and big orange balloons.